What Are The Best 10 Exercises?

What Are The Best 10 Exercises?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on who you ask, right? Let’s be honest, when you ask for a recommendation for the best of anything, the answer will be based on the individual's opinion and/or experience. That's why it's important to ask someone who has extensive hands on experience, in this case related to fitness, and has reasons as to why they believe that. 

The top 10 in my book are related to building a strong foundation before jumping too far ahead. Rushing the process can come back to bite you in the ass, like it has for me so many times in the past. When it comes to training, priorities include preventing injuries as much as possible and laying down the ground work before jumping too far ahead, otherwise we have to turn around later and start all over from the top.

I’m referring to when you're so eager to do those really cool super high box jumps you see people doing on instagram, or those clapping push ups, and even sprinting without knowing the proper mechanics to practice.

With this being said, allow for me to share with you my top 10 favorite exercises that I believe should be prioritized over the rest.

  1. Single leg forward reach
    • Stability is the first building block to any fitness program. If you can hip hinge on one leg, maintaining your balance and staying true to the movement, then you are free to explore progressive movements.
2. Push up
    • The push up isn't only an upper body strength movement, but it also displays the ability to control the core. It’s also an essential part of any fitness program because it translates to everyday life.
3. Rotational chop
        • Our bodys are multi-dimensional, so we should train multidimensional as well. The chop is a rotational core exercise that will strengthen your body in the transverse plane of motion which we are constantly using on a daily basis.
      4. Squat
          • A functional movement that we perform daily. The squat translates into everyday life, so we should be sure to stay strong in this movement pattern.
        5.Pull up
            • The pull up displays your pulling ability. Your upper body pushes and pulls, so we strengthen what it’s meant to do.
          6. Plank toe tap
              • The plank toe tap not only challenges your shoulder stability, but it exposes core strength abilities. Balancing on only 2 points of contact can be tough for most.
            7. Deadlift
                • The lower body pulls and pushes, just like the upper body. With the squat we push, with the deadlift, we pull. Think of all times you went to lift something up from the floor and found yourself pulling the weight up with your hamstrings. This directly translates to everyday life.
              8. Row
                  • When we row, we pull in a different direction than we pull with the pull up. The row is just as important and also translates into everyday life.
                9. Superman
                    • So we always resort to anterior core exercises because we are so focused on abs. But true strength is being able to withstand forces from different directions and having the ability to respond in different planes of motion. We can't forget about the posterior chain, it should be considered just as important. Core work isn't always about abs.
                  10. Side lunge
                      • A single leg exercise that doesn't only challenge your lower half by working one leg at a time, but also working the frontal plane of motion. Moving side to side should be considered just as important as moving forward and backward.

                    There you have it! My top 10 exercises and the reasons why I believe that they are in the top 10 best exercises. 

                    Having been in the fitness industry for so long, I have a ton of cool exercise and concepts up my sleeve, but the only time those come out to play is when all of the bases are covered. When there's a strong foundation, it opens up the possibilities to do more weird and cool things that can challenge your body in ways you never knew before.

                    Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add, please feel free to comment below!

                    Health & Happiness!

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