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Creator of the 3 Part Mindful Workout

Priscilla Rojas

Priscilla Rojas is the creator of the '3 part mindful workout' and she uses an integrated approach to her training style. Considering all 3 parts of her training system to be equally meaningful; part 1 which is used to properly prime the muscles, ligaments and joints for movement, part 2 uses mechanical resistance in order to highlight strength opportunities and hypertrophy, while part 3 is directed towards slowing down and giving your body and mind the quiet, or the stretch it may be asking for.

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The 3 Part Mindful Workout has been my solution to training my corporate troopers and weekend warriors for a healthier, more energized mind & body...

Priscilla Rojas
Health Coach & Fitness Expert

Priscilla Rojas

Priscilla is a fitness professional who specializes in corporate wellness, however she loves to feed her passion appetite with some personal training and special events. If you'd like to learn more or just want to say hi, please send her a message.

1: Bodyweight (Mobility, Cardio & Strength)

2: Mechanical Resistance (Strength Training)

3: Mindful Training (Meditate & Stretch)

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