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What is Functional Strength Training?

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. Also known as functional training or functional movement, it trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Priscilla Rojas, but most call me Coach P!

I received a Bachelors in PR and Advertising from FIU in 2010. I went on to work in marketing for Zumba Fitness corporate, and that was the start of my career in the fitness industry.

I'm currently a fitness professional in the corporate wellness space and I'm located in Broward County, South Florida.

Because I use an integrated training approach, I am not your average coach. I like to allow my creative juices to flow (as I apply both left & right sides of my brain) during training sessions with my clients.

Fun fact, I studied theater and fencing growing up and I love hanging out with my all white Siberian Husky, Winter.

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Client Results

"I was literally crying this morning because every single dress in my closet either fit or was too baggy. I've NEVER had that before. I can't wait to come workout with you tonight... It's been seriously life changing..."

- Mady

Not only is Coach P an excellent trainer I've to also consider her a personal friend who actually cares about my well being and progress. If you're looking for someone who isn't just interested in your money you've come to the right place.
Priscilla is AWESOME!!!!!

-Danny M.

"4 month difference, thats all you. Giiirl, you've been the best trainer I've had in 30 years of my life, lol..."

- Cassie

"I'm not done yet, but thanks for everything this far! It means a helluva lot to me..."

- Luke W.

Coach P is absolutely amazing! By far one of the best experiences I've had with a trainer. She's extremely experienced and helpful with any questions I've had, from nutrition to performance. Each class is also so much fun, I'd definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a lifestyle change. All it takes is one session and you'll understand her magic. I can't say it's been easy but so worth it!

-Niria P.

"Thanks Pris, this means a lot to me..."

- Ricky P.

Training with Coach P was one of my favorite exercise experiences. She holds you accountable for showing up and is tough enough to make you sweat. She even ran with me which allowed me to push myself harder than I had done before.

- Rosa A.

This is Michelle's 3 weeks of progress with my food plan & workouts.